Are you wondering about COVID precautions taken in home child care? The City of Toronto has shared a very informative video with the Home Child Care Association of Ontario. While there are a couple of things that may differ in our programs, this video can provide great insight into how we keep our families safe in care. 

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How to Become a Home Child Care Caregiver

The Home Child Care Program is always looking for Home Child Care Caregivers across the Region of Peel who are interested in caring for children in their homes. Are you the kind of person who can provide the love, care and attention that a child needs?

The goal of our Home Child Care Program is to provide children with a warm, loving, inclusive, safe and stimulating environments as well as offering a supportive environment for child care caregivers. Providing home child care is both demanding and tremendously rewarding.


Home Care at a Glance

We Do This By

  • Meeting the provincial licensing standards CCEYA and the City of Toronto’s Home Child Care Assessment for Quality Improvement.
  • Promote the health, safety, nutrition and well being of the children.
  • Support positive and responsible interactions among the children, parents, childcare caregivers and staff.
  • Foster the children’s exploration play and inquiry.
  • Provide child initiated and adult-supported experiences.
  • Incorporate indoor/outdoor, as well as active play, rest and quiet time, into the day, and give consideration to the individual needs of the children.
  • Foster the engagement of ongoing communication with parents about the program and their children.
  • Educational workshops for caregivers.
  • Regular home visits.
  • Developmental screening of children and referrals.
  • Offering an early learning environment to children in care.
  • Involve local community partners and allow those partners to support the children, their families and staff.

Benefits of Licensed vs Unlicensed Home Childcare




Oversight from the Province



Monthly visits by Agency Staff



Criminal Reference Check required



First Aid and CPR Training required



Support of an Agency Team



Why Home Care Child?


Every Home Child Care Agency in Ontario must be licensed by the Ministry of Education and they are obligated to adhere to government regulations which promote the health, safety and well-being of the children and families enrolled in their program.

Important note: Informal or non-licensed home child care is not subject to government standards and this includes any private arrangement a family makes with an individual home caregiver outside of a Licensed Home Child Care Agency.


Role of the Caregiver

Caring For Kids works with a group of approved Caregivers who deliver the child care program within their own home. The Caregivers are under contract with the Agency and although providers themselves are not licensed, they are monitored by the Agency to ensure that they are following the government’s rules and regulations and the Agency’s policies and procedures.


Role of the Agency

The Agency provides guidance, resources and professional development to help providers meet the needs of children in their care. This includes enhanced Public Health protocols related to infection prevention and control.

Families who receive care through a Licensed Agency are supported not only by the Home Child Care Caregiver but also by Home Visitors and a Program Manager.

The Agency works with a family to determine their needs and preferences, and helps them select a home child care Caregiver.

The Agency visits the Caregiver’s home monthly and regularly reviews nutrition, activities and health & safety standards.

The agency provides ongoing training, resources and support to the Home Child Care Caregiver.

If families have concerns with their care, they can speak to the Caregiver, the Home Visitor or the Program Manager.

Nutritious home-made meals and snacks that meet Canada's Food Guide and can be adjusted to children’s individual dietary requirements.

Daily planned activities based on children’s interests and needs. This Inquiry-based program follows Ontario Ministry of Education’s How Does Learning Happen?

Safe, nurturing, stimulating care in a small-group home setting. Each home offers a mixed-age program that allows siblings to be in care together.